In my view, psychotherapy is a collaborative venture. This means that my clients and I work together to achieve the client's goals. Your task is to talk about whatever is on your mind. As your psychologist, my task is to listen carefully; to look for patterns in your thinking and behaviour; to point out alternative interpretations of events or strategies for problem solving, and ask clarifying questions to stimulate your thinking.

How does therapy help you achieve your goals? Rather than being driven by unconscious drives and conflicts, therapy can help you make conscious decisions guided by selfawareness. Therapy can enhance your ability to cope effectively with life challenges, understand sources of your suffering, and enrich your relationships by awakening the life-generating forces within you (e.g. feelings, senses, and perceptions). Within the safety of the therapeutic space, some clients will have the opportunity to remember, re-experience, and reintegrate painful events of their life. Others may need therapy to help them find alternative strategies and solutions in dealing with current personal problems.

I believe that the therapeutic work should be tailored according to the client’s needs. To this end, my first task is to assess what approach would be most useful to you. Following an informal evaluation of your condition, I will explain to you what psychotherapy can do for you and what approximate time frame you may expect. Clients have different needs and personal goals. Some may be interested in seeking support to overcome a specific, circumscribed difficulty (e.g. performance Anxiety) or they may need help in changing the debilitating aspects of their personality. Therefore, different clients will progress at different rates and they may be receiving different types of psychotherapy.

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