Accident & Disability Assessment / Treatment

An important part of my work is to offer psychological support to individuals who have been injured in workplace and/or motor vehicle accidents. A serious injury could be a traumatic experience that can lead to significant instability and psychological disorientation. An injury can interfere with a person’s ability to work and it can cause feelings of futility and worthlessness. A traumatic injury can be a life-changing experience that can result in loss of personal meaning and self-efficacy. Those who have suffered a serious injury may experience chronic pain, feelings of apathy and dissociation, intrusive thoughts and imagery (flashbacks), chronic anxiety, hyper vigilance, and constant worries about their physical vulnerability and their capacity for productive work.

Therapy can offer the much-needed support to recover from the debilitating effects of trauma and restore a sense of meaning in life. An important part of the rehabilitation is to teach the client effective pain management strategies and help them learn to relate to pain in a less reactive way. In my work with rehabilitation clients, I use various treatment modalities such as mindfulness stress reduction strategies, and cognitive behavioural strategies such as deep breathing, relaxation techniques, desensitisation, imagery, and exposure techniques to facilitate the process of recovery.

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